Nonnie's Time to Dance

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Second Wind
Marc N. Davidson


This song was written by Marc about Pattie's Mother who at 85 is enjoying life more than ever with her new fellar, and, truly has her "second wind"!



There's a spryness, in her step today,

She’s movin’ with a different gait;

Giddy, not silly, she freely signals,

A change of pattern taking place.



Out 80 years, its love I fear,                      

Its Nonnie’s time to dance;                                

There’s a fellar, whose eyes now hold her,

Its Nonnie’s time to dance.


Years have paced, and lent their time,

To right the feelings left behind;

Her face now life, now faced with love,

Laugh and drink that glass of wine .



  • 07/03/2019
    Long Beach Senior Center - Long Beach, CA
  • 07/14/2019
    Ma n Pa's Grocery - Long Beach, CA


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