Second Wind came together initially as a music collaboration between husband and wife Pattie and Marc Davidson and Marc's architectural colleague and friend David Noferi. The group later added local resident Tom Gallo on mandolin and drums.  The blending of acoustical guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, and accordion created an opportunity to build a repertoire that bridges folk, bluegrass, country, jazz, pop, and unique 20s and 30s French standards.  From the Beatles' classic "Your Mother Should Know", Second Wind established its by-line: Songs Your Mother Should Know.

Pattie and Marc Davidson met while both were attending the University of Houston, 1971.  Pattie was a French major, Marc in the School of Architecture.  Both had roots playing and singing in folk groups; Pattie in the Dallas area, Marc from Southwest Louisiana (Lake Charles).  It would be a unique moment that they would meet at an art department Halloween party where Marc was playing in a trio; Marc eventually abandoning the group to play and sing with the Dallas girl who could harmonize to a dog whistle!  Their music ranged from Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, Bob Dylan to Marc's original songs.  You would have been able to catch Pattie and Marc at Michaelangelo's Restaurant in Houston's Montrose district, summer evenings in 1972.  Marriage, two wonderful "I love boys!", trips to beloved France, and 50 years later (wow!), Pattie and Marc are continuing the original roots that brought them together.

David Noferi (Nof)  Like millions of kids growing up on the 50’s and 60’s, Dave, Nof as he is known to friends, studied the accordion. It was tough trying to be cool with the popularity of the guitar and the rock-n-roll scene in those days. Dave played music for all occasions like weddings and parties with a play-list consisting of old standards, ethnic music ( Italian, Latin, French ) and some popular music of the 60's/70's. The highlight culminating in a three year gig with a trio at an Italian Restaurant in the Boston area.  Fast forward to Los Angeles after stints in Oregon and Washington, Dave landed in Los Angeles and eventually became an accordion junkie, collecting and repairing them as well.  Through a growing friendship with boomers Marc and Pattie, came a discovery of mutual talents that morphed into Second Wind. This accordion guy found a new home, adding a new dimension to the storied history of Marc and Pattie, as well as giving Pattie the accordion player she always wanted for her French music accompaniment.

Tom Gallo is a retired tradeshow exhibit designer and graphic artist of similar vintage. He has played drums on and off since high school. In the mid nineties, he played in a '70s metal cover band. He took up mandolin around the same time, in an on-again-off-again mode. Tom read an interesting bio in a local neighborhood newsletters about Second Wind, became inspired, and approached Second Wind to try adding drums and mandolin to an already unusual instrument combination. Tom sufficiently ingratiated himself with Second Wind and became the "time keeper". Now he's much happier!  And, Second Wind is much happier!