Second Wind Live at Le Cosy Montparnasse

Second Wind had a unique opportunity in July 2015 to tour parts of France, perform, and enjoy a special celebration of friendship and music nurtured for almost 45 years.  The core relationship of our French friends developed during Pattie’s year abroad in Strasbourg, 1972, when she accepted an invitation to play music with fellow students Pascal and Bernard.  The “circuit” would expand along the way with spouses, families, connected relationships, and friends.  Our web has continued to grow through music during each other’s travel between the two countries.


This CD was recorded in Paris at Le Cosy Montparnasse, and celebrates the musical partnership of Second Wind [Marc and Pattie Davidson, David Noferi, Tom Gallo], and very special friends Bernard Beck and Pascal Bauchard.


The CD is available for purchase direct from Second Wind for $10.  Contact Second Wind directly at to place your order.